I decided to come and see Carol as I had always struggled with my weight and was fed up with how much it impacted my confidence. Carol had been recommended to me by my sister so I decided to take the plunge. She made me feel at ease immediately and made the process much less frightening. After a few weeks she felt more like a friend that a personal trainer and I would actually look forward to the sessions.

Carol helped me with my diet which in turn has changed my lifestyle and choices completely, I don’t feel I’m being deprived as I am eating so well but eating the right things which therefore impacts on my energy levels and aids my weight loss. Whilst I did query with her after week 6 why I was not yet a size 8, Carol persevered with me reminding me that to keep the weight off I had to play the long game – so that’s what I did! After a year training with Carol, I can honestly say she has changed my life and helped me in so many ways. I’m now a much healthier, fitter and much slimmer version of myself and my confidence and self esteem are in such a better place. Everyone has noticed the change in me and the novelty of buying smaller size clothes still hasn’t worn off. I’m so greatful to Carol, she pushed me everytime I needed it whilst helping me embrace a whole new way of living. I never dreamed I would enjoy exercising but I really do now and my results are so much more than I had hoped for. Thank you Carol for not only being an awesome trainer but someone I consider a friend too.