Historically, the days of laying on the couch for nine months during pregnancy are gone, thank goodness because that is no fun for anyone!! Inactivity has been proven to pose a much greater risk for a mother and their baby’s health. It is now widely known and recommended that pre-natal and post-natal exercise is very beneficial to both the mother and child.

Whilst undertaking my pre and post natal training programme will I work with you safely and effectively, throughout your pregnancy and beyond, to benefit both you and your baby.


During your pregnancy your body is constantly changing and adapting and adapting, the training you undertake will depend on how fit you are before pregnancy, your lifestyle and medical history. I will be on hand to guide you through every stage to ensure you exercise safely and are eating in an optimal way for you and baby, whilst maximising the benefits such as:

  • Maintaining fitness

  • Reducing muscular discomfort/back pain

  • Reducing excessive weight gain

  • An easier, shorter labour

  • Quicker post-natal recovery

  • Improving circulation


The addition of a new baby is a difficult time for anyone and takes a lot of getting used to. During your pregnancy you will have seen dramatic physical changes to your body. For example some weight gain and increase tiredness. Many new mums are very eager to return to exercise after giving birth as it has a great many benefits including speeding up your recovery.

Please remember that before starting any physical regime you must be 6 weeks post-delivery and have the all clear from your GP/Midwife.

I will train you and ensure that I create effective programmes that correctly address your unique physical needs every step of the way. As a new mum I want to make this period of your life even more enjoyable by:

  • Improving stamina and energy

  • Increasing local muscular endurance

  • Improving posture

  • Increasing weight loss

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Keeping you motivated