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It all started when…

I am a female Personal Trainer based between Woking and Guildford. Over the past few years I have learned to appreciated how valuable exercise and a healthy diet can be, having exercised most of my life, it helped me overcome a life threatening illness which caused unwanted weight gain then having to adapt my exercise to suit my problems, my aim is to help those who just want a healthier lifestyle or have once suffered through illness or injury rebuild their fitness levels by educating you in not only fitness but nutritional advice as well:

  • Increasing your

  • Confidence

  • Energy levels

  • Flexibility and co-ordination

  • Strength and agility

  • Longevity

Being slightly older I feel that I bring a maturity to the personal training forum with a relaxed and friendly approach which still allows you to achieve the results you want, by undertaking this unique manor of training, I wish to enable you:

  • to effectively obtain a healthy regime

  • to include fitness and diet within your normal daily life

My aim is to focus on you, one to one, giving you my full individual attention, I am very positive in what I do, so I will:

  • take an interest in you and your lifestyle

  • be encouraging, supportive and friendly

  • suggest positive ideas to make you as committed as possible

  • help you maintain your goals

  • help work you to your full potential.