So diet, what is it? - Live for Fitness

So diet, what is it?

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Well it’s not some 6 week cabbage or Atkins diet as so many of you are thinking. It’s one of those words that the supermarkets and advertising companies has got hold of and redefined the definition of, making themselves a load of money in the process.Diet actually means what we eat, the foods we put into our mouths. If we want to lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle long term, then we need to re-think the word ‘diet’!

You need to look at all the food you eat and re-think your portion sizes as well as your sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Remember that eating is pleasurable, delicious and sensual, so on that note lets get started now (not next week!)

  • Keep a food log

  • Eat slowly and chew your food longer

  • Eat without distractions

  • Set your table

  • Eat smaller portions

  • Reduce plate size

  • Vary your diet and eat food with a variety of colours

  • Don’t eat late at night

  • Limit your alcohol consumption

  • Tell me if your motivation is slipping so l can give you support!