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How to cut down on fats – quickly!

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Below are some helpful tips on how to reduce the amount of fat in your diet quickly.

  • Steer clear of meats such as sausages, bacon and cured meats

  • Venison (l know it’s expensive!) contains less than 2% fat compared to beef, lamb and pork.

  • Don’t add fat when cooking meat, a descent non-stick frying pan is all you need.

  • Don’t use mild varieties of cheese, always go for an extra mature as you need less to get the same taste.

  • Make sure the oil is piping hot before adding ingredients as warm oil is absorbed into the food.

  • Remember the hidden fats in those drinks, always use skimmed milk in latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate or simply have water or herbal teas instead.

  • Don’t trust low or fat free products, they always contain more calories due to the thickeners and sugars added to boost flavour, always read the label.

  • When using oil always measure out by using a teaspoon or tablespoon, this way you see how much you use.

I hope this helps you be more aware of the hidden fats in your diet and how to avoid them, helping you to lose weight and achieve a healthier diet.