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How to build lean muscle and lose weight

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I typically recommend that someone choose their ideal weight (taking into account muscle) and multiply that number by 10. This gives you a base number of calories in which you need to just survive.

Example: 5’10 say feels good at 145lbs

Starting calories would be 1,450 (145×10)Then after you’ve determined your baseline calories (just to survive) simply add about 200 to 300 calories (1,450 + 200 = 1,650 or 1,450 + 300 = 1,750) if you are sedentary and trying to lose weight.

If you are eating clean and trying to build lean muscle then add anywhere between 300 to 500.

If you are a hard gainer of muscle or a marathon runner, you might need to add on anywhere from 500 to 1,000 calories.