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6 Ways to maximise muscle growth outside of training

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Below are six key evidence-based points that work alongside your actual weight/resistance training. These tips will make a difference to performance outcome, but that actually cost very little in time or effort.


Absolutely critical and the best, most effective muscle promoting recovery modality we have. Athletes in heat training need upwards of nine hours sleep per day. This can be in one hit or accrued during each 24 hours. The deep sleep that we get during the nightly slumber is the most important though, so whilst napping during the day is good, it shouldn’t come at the expense of nightly sleep.


Appropriate scheduling of sessions is crucial. Always try to do cardio in the morning and then consume carbohydrates. Lifting is often better in the afternoon, allowing the overnight period for recovery.


Help your muscles out by consuming good quality protein within the half hour following weights. I acknowledge the tucking into a steak may not be convenient, so whey/soya protein or protein balls work well as an alternative. A low fat chocolate milkshake and a couple of eggs are good back-ups as well.

Energy In

Ensure you’re getting enough energy to support muscle growth. There’s no point in the energy expenditure being greater than the consumption if you’re wanting to increase muscle mass.


Ensure you stay hydrated. This is critical for cellular function as well as growth hormone release.


Don’t forget carbs. Whilst having a massive pasta meal may not be the best option, some carbohydrates are necessary to stimuli insulin release, something critical for the release of growth hormone. So lots of vegetables guys!