After turning 40 in 2012, I was very aware of the saying ‘Hit 40 and get fit or get fat!’ I was doing the latter. I had joined a gym in an attempt to get fit and maybe unsurprisingly I stopped going after about 6 sessions. I need to be fit for my job, working as a stunt performer on some very high profile films, such as ‘Captain America’, War Horse, and have doubled for Matt Damon on films like ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and ‘Greenzone’. So I need to maintain a certain level of fitness, but also not build muscle and end up looking like a body builder. The decision was made by my wife to get a personal trainer. It seemed extravagant but when you consider you are getting one on one attention in a private gym. So the hunt for a PT was on….

I did a Google search, probably just as you have which is why you are now reading this! I called Carol and booked my sessions. Carol did an assessment and listened to my needs carefully before starting a training regime. Every session has been different, always fun, always interesting and always pushed just to my limit. Coupled with a careful diet, the results have been brilliant and just as I wanted. During my first 18 sessions I lost just over a stone in weight*, two inches from my waist* and my body is much more toned.
If we put this into perspective and bring the changes into real life, the change has meant I can now manage a full 30 minute session of Motocross whereas before I was struggling after 10 minutes. My confidence has improved, I feel great about myself, my energy levels rocketed and I feel great! This all sounds a bit too good to be true, but don’t kid yourself, you will have to work hard and put the effort in, but Carol will encourage and push you just the right amount. If you are looking for a personal trainer, with great professionalism, no ego and a nice environment in which to train, I can’t recommend Carol highly enough. Do it…. You won’t regret it!