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5 Steps to a better workout

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So you know you have to train hard if you want to reach that PR in your 10k or excel in your weight training, if you want to work smarter, not harder, then these simple tricks/tips may help you to perform at your best and no extra sweat required:

Overestimating your strength and endurance?
Beginners tend to be very eager to increase the weight in their first few workouts, starting with heavy weights and too many reps causing injury, you need to build up strength and endurance which takes time.

Getting sloppy.
Poor form is bad, choose a lower level, speed or weight and perform the exercise properly, maintaining good posture, not holding the hand bars on the Treadmill, lifting the heels on the Cross Trainer, knees not in line with hips on the Bike or swinging the dumbbell by shifting your elbow back and forth during a bicep curl.

Resting too much.
You certainly don’t want to over do it but taking too long between sets can decrease the training benefits. You normally need 30sec between sets this gives you enough time to get set up for the next exercise.

Crank up the music early.
Put your music on before you walk through the door, according to a study listening to music can focus your mind and you can perform a stronger workout and faster run.

Waiting until you are thirsty to drink during a workout.
Yes, water is good for you while your training, but the trick is to drink plenty before, during and after your training sessions, staying one step ahead of your body before it sends you signals you are thirsty.